What a crazy month or so it's been. In honor of Memorial Day, Flag Day and even 4th of July, we put together a benefit for the USO. The USO, as you may or may not know, benefits our military and their families. Well, right after we launched, there was the explosion in West followed by the tornadoes in Granbury and Moore. Having done what we could to help those latest disasters, it's time to get back to helping our men and women in uniform. It's super easy and cheap to help out, too.

It's very easy to help our fundraiser for the USO.  Just drop by any area 7-11 and you'll see the little USO flag/logos.  Pitch in a buck, write your name down and you're good to go. We'll take care of the rest from there. It's easy to help out when we do it a buck at a time. We know it's been a tough time both emotionally and financially with all of these back-to-back disasters, but you have all the way until June 30th to throw a buck towards the USO's efforts. On behalf of everyone involved, we thank you for your support of our military and the USO.