FMX Band Camp has turned into a cool tradition. You can pack all the people you want into a care for $10, check out lots of local music, hike, kick back and do whatever you want to do at the lake. This is THE premiere local music event in West Texas. I really encourage you to grab some friends and check it out, the worst thing that can happen is you'll have a great day at the lake. Food and beverages are available at the lake or you can pay a $10 cooler charge. The FMX Band Camp is next Saturday, May 14th.

8:15=Hail To Arms
7:15-8:00=Kill Or Be Killed
5:45-6:15 AnotherDayUndecided
4:15-4:45=Saint Solution
3:30-4:00=What Dreams May Come
2:45-3:15=Falling For The End
2:00-2:30=Redeemed Chaos