Wow, this is bummer news. We usually keep this kind of info to ourselves, but we've had two "sure things" go belly up on us. Are you ready to have your heart broken?  If so, I'll name names up next.


It appears that all the good rock bands out there are clumping up in April/May.  This is good because it means we may have a couple of big shows for you, but it's bad news for The FMX Birthday bash.  The 'Bash is traditionally the first big show after the first of the year, but there simple isn't anyone touring the area at the time. You can even look at the lineup of Dallas concerts and there just isn't anyone around the area between now and May. Now this is subject to change, but a lot of bands are already set in their routing.

So who "was" the FMX Birthday Bash?  Well, we tried everything we could to get Avenged Sevenfold. We pretty much had them, then they found out their current staging just couldn't fit into the existing facilities. Hopefully they'll circle back with a smaller stage set up.  We held onto hopes with those guys until the very last minute. Next on the horizon, and "close to a done deal" was a great package of Volbeat/All That Remains/Trivium. Well, for reasons only known to them, they opted for a Canadian trek instead of another tour of the Southwest.

The concert season WAS looking really strong with a 1, 2, 3 punch of BIG shows scheduled for Lubbock, now we may be in danger of cutting one of our big three shows (FMX Birthday Bash, XFest & The Big Purple Party).

It's my thought that we're seeing a couple of factors here. Less bands are touring and the bands that are touring are clumping up in warmer weather for larger festivals. So, I wouldn't panic, I think Lubbock will remain a concert hotspot for many years to come. I just think you're going to start having a more precise and concentrated "concert season" that will run from April to September of each year.