Tonight it's the FMX Birthday Blast. Admission is a ticket stub from the Birthday Bash.  We are expecting about a 30%-40% drop off in attendance from the Bash, and if that happens, it's all good.  If everybody gets too whipped into a frenzy, it could get a little crowded.


All we can do is guess at these figures. There's no way we can be for sure.  We would think that the 30%-40% drop off is reasonable since some people are going to be partied out and this show is less of a draw.  By less of a draw, I mean no disrespect to the bands, it's just we had 8 bands at the Bash and there's only 4 at the Blast.

We hope everybody who wants to enjoy the show tonight can, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's one in and one out, or even half-empty.  We just don't know.  This is the first time we've done something like this, and the move was necessitated by needed repairs at the Amphitheater (and Wild West was already booked). This means that THE MOVE COULD NOT BE HELPED, REGARDLESS OF SPACE ISSUES.

Can you buy tickets?  I really can't answer that. I think that decision will be made once everyone gets an idea of what kind of crowd is showing up.

On the bill are We Are Riot (Meegs & Mikey from Coal Chamber), Texas Hippie Coalition, Wayne Static and Saliva.   Enjoy!