I guess that headline said it all.  If you've joined the club, put in a few 'words of the day' then you can get yourself a four packet of tickets to this show.  More details next.

Adelitas Way is our "free fair show" on September 27th. You still have to pay admission and parking at the event, but we can hook you with a free show courtesy of our friends at the South Plains Fair.

This year, we're setting aside 1000 tickets just for Bombsquad members. These tickets will be available in FMX Fat Packs Of Four. Each pack will 'cost' 5000 points, with a limit of one pack per Bombsquad account.

You can also pick up Adelitas Way tickets at various FMX functions between here and the Fair. Good luck and good job joining that "Bombsquad." It just payed off for you again.