Rooster and I decided to have a little bit of fun with our intern and welcome her to the FMX with a special little treat. That special little treat came in the form of a lap dance from any girl she wanted at our favorite strip club, Jaguars.

Our intern was leery of going to a strip club but after telling her it was ladies night and that we would watch over her, she agreed. After a drink or two she loosened up and decided on a girl that she would get a dance on. She wanted the dancer who promised to do a hand stand on her while dancing. Who could resist?

After all was said and done, she smiled and tipped our lovely dancer for the show. I''m not entirely sure if we've sold her on the whole strip club experience, but I'm pretty sure she'll be joining us the next time we head out to Jags.

Speaking of which, join Rooster for some real fun on Super Tuesdays at Jaguars. Rooster will be out there from 7-9PM on Tuesday, Feb 7. Join in on the fun and look for the FMX guys as we'll be making another fun video for the site.

Alright, enough talking, let's get to that dance.