One thing I seem to crave every night around 3:40 is ice cream. Most of the time I can just drink some milk and the craving goes away, unless we don't actually have ice cream at the house. Go figure.

For a while now there has been buzz about Ben and Jerry's ice cream making a flavor for the final episode of 30 Rock, and its here, blueberry lavender swirl Greek yogurt.

That got me to thinking, what if there were ice creams for me, Wes, The Heathen, and Rooster? How awesome would that be?!

If I had to make an ice cream flavor for Wes, of course it would be "White Chocolate."

For The Heathen without a doubt would be boobalicious, your choice of any flavor combination, as long as the mix in's look like boobs.

Rooster's would be a strong mix of any booze blended in dark chocolate.

And for me, that's easy... Bourbon ice cream with an assortment of aromatic herbs and crunchy praline rocks.

Rooster will probably want nuts in his.