I think the main reason for traffic cops should be to serve as a deterrent to lawbreakers. Catching the people misbehaving should be secondary to making sure everyone is safe.  For these reasons I've always love it when FMX call in and bust the cops.


I still believe the all black Lubbock Police cars/SUVs/whatever are still a little shady.  It's really not worth arguing over though, we'll get used to looking for their push bars and spotlights soon enough.  FMX listeners have always done a good job at calling out cops that are operating in a shady manner.  Now, are we encouraging people to break the law?  Nope, in fact it works just the opposite and that goes to my point: when we let people know a cop is in a particular area they slow down. If the cops true purpose is to make the streets safer, then all the on-air warnings only serve to let people know that the police are on the streets and looking for lawbreakers.  To put it in simpler terms, do you think it's better to teach your kid to do right, or just to spank them when they're wrong?  Of course the true answer is a little of both, but we're more than happy to help save you a few bucks on a ticket when we can.

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