I'm sure several of you have favorite rides at the fair, Six Flags, of other amusement parks. I have been to a lot of parks in my life and I have ridden a lot of rides, but no matter where I go or what I ride my favorite rides remain the Mouse Trap and The Galaxy coasters at Lubbock's own Joyland.

I have to tell you I look forward to any excuse to go out and take a spin on either of these coasters. This past Monday was no different, when we announced we were going to be doing the Memorial Day blow out again this year I was one happy man!

I was like a little kid all weekend long; eager for Monday to get here so I could go out to the park and ride! By the time Monday rolled around I was more than ready, so at 145 Woody and I headed out to Joyland. As soon as we walked threw the gate I took off for the Mouse Trap! What a ride!

Woody stayed on the ground to take pictures and missed out on all the fun... sissy...

Next I was off to the Galaxy; I LOVE that ride! I patiently waited in line for my turn and as luck would have it I was able to get the first car, what a rush! I tell you what I would have stayed on that thing all day if I could have!

While I was riding Woody was firmly on the ground video camera in hand to record my ride to share with all of you, check it out.... and NO I didn't scream like a little girl... I giggled like one!