Holy smokes, we just finished PopEvil.  We've got the Toadies, Adelita's Way and FMX Freakfest (with a bazillion bands) on the calender.  So what could be next?  We'll tease you after the jump.


Holy smokes I got a call on a show yesterday that blew my mind.  If it happens, it will most likely be called "FMX Black Xmas".  Oh, and that wouldn't be our only Xmas show either, we'd still have a benefit show on the lineup as well. Then, it looks likely the the FMX 33rd Birthday Bash will happen in January closer to our actual birthday on January 18th.  I will tell you that FMX Black Xmas and The FMX Birthday Bash will both have to happen at the Fairpark due to the size and seasonal weather considerations.  Personally, I like having the opportunity to sit or stand that Fairpark gives you, as well as the large, clean bathrooms.  Then after the FMX Birthday Bash, we start looking towards FMX XFest, The FMX Big Purple Party and more.

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