Tickets to Guns N' Roses are off to a FANTASTIC start.  Great early sales always mean great things for the show at hand and for the future.  So, do you need to run right out and grab some?  I'll give you the honest truth after the jump.

As you may or may not know, two tiers of tickets are being sold for Guns N' Roses.  You can have lawn seats or pit seats.  The pit tickets are a lot higher and there is a limited amount of them available (and I should mention that you can go to the lawn when you want).  So, if you plan on getting up close at this concert, you almost certainly need to get your tickets as soon as possible. If you're planning on getting lawn seats, you should be able to get them all the way until show time.

Tickets are $82 (including all service charges) for the Pit and $61.25 (including all service charges) for the lawn.  I guess I should mention that the pit is still a standing area, there are no chairs.

Are you a little cash poor?  Then listen to FMX all you can, the Ticketmonster is out there with a bunch of freebies.  We'll also have some locations where you can sign up for tickets as well.

One other item.  We should have posters for the show at the studio very soon.  Please tune for details on when they'll arrive and how you can get yours.