Monday nights, FMX and Hooters have it going on for football, beer and the wings. Hooters does the Monday night blitz, offering up all-you-can-eat nearly world famous boneless wings, and ice cold beers served up by the lovely Hooters girls.

This year, we give you and nine of your friends a chance to hang upstairs in the FMX/Hooters VIP area. Enjoy your very own Hooters girl, some wings; and the Budweiser girls will have a surprise or two for you and your buds. To qualify, tune in Monday-Friday between 2-7p, and you could be the big winner.

This weeks winner, and nine of his buds enjoyed free wings, football and a Game 7 in the NLCS upstaris in the FMX/Hooters VIP area. The Bears dominated Detroit in a 13-7 win; and the San Francisco Giants scored more than the Lions with a 9-0 victory to advance to the World Series against those Motor City Kitties.

It could be you next week for the 49ers/Cardinals.