Well, this is pretty cool. We're adding two more killer shows to the Lubbock concert calendar.

Before I start, let me say this: if you want to find out about these two huge shows hours and hours before we put them on the website or the FMX Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter right now.


First, let's temper expectations a bit. Due to circumstances beyond our control, it may be a while before you see any big outdoor events. I hate to break it to you, but heck, we're getting near fall and winter anyway (in terms of booking seasons), so I guess that doesn't matter.

With that said, the shows we're going to announce are certainly big bottles of awesome sauce, they're now just club and Pavilion shows.

Coming up Tuesday (July 26), we'll announce the 2016 FMX Freakfest at Wild West.  This is an October show that will happen at the Wild West Nightclub.

Contrary to what some knuckleheads think, a club doesn't wear a cowboy hat, polka pants or ear gauges; it's just four walls to hold events in. I can tell you from having past shows at Wild West that the place offers superior sight lines, seating, more than adequate bathrooms and exceptional hospitality. The crew at Wild West always seems genuinely glad to see us.

Then on Wednesday (July 27), we're scheduled to announce the 36th FMX Birthday Bash. Now, I find it a bit odd that we're announcing it so far in advance, but I'm pretty happy about it. This will be a Pavilion show in April that will 100 percent sell out in advance -- for sure, no doubt about it.

FMX Birthday Bashes always sell out, and I think the lineup on this one is truly stellar and unique. Once again, there is a chance, albeit a slight one, that plans may change on announcing this one.

So there you go. You at least know there's a show in October and one in April. I hope you'll find these shows as exciting as I do. If you'd like to know about the shows first, make sure you're part of the FMX Bomb Squad VIP club and that you're getting our newsletter.