We did "Merch Madness" awhile back and we thought that would just be the end of it. We were VERY surprised that people wanted to support the radio station so much that many offered to just buy a hoodie.  Well, we still thought it would be more fun to just give them away when we could, then disaster struck in West, Texas.  More after the jump.

Unifirst is completely underwriting the cost of these hoodies so we can give every penny to a victims recovery fund in West, Texas.  These are grey pullover hoodies with an embroidered FMX Purple Spot on the pocket.  We are asking for a $30 donation for each one.  They are available (at press time) in Large, XL and XXL.  This is an extremely limited run and we won't print anymore in this exact design any time soon.  These hoodies are available at the front desk of the FMX studios any weekday between 8:30 and 5:00 and we must insist on cash only.  These hoodies will go very fast.  We thank you for you support and for your support of the good people of West, Texas.