The brand new show, soon to start on HBO in the coming weeks, now has a trailer to get you ready. You may get chills during the viewing of the video that lies inside.

"Sonic Highways" is a series that will take you inside not only a portion of making this brand new record of the same name, but where the bandmates went, and, more importantly, the myriad of musical stars that are apart of the new record. The show will hit the airwaves and cable networks on October 17th.

Multiple people, from Barack Obama to Dolly Parton to Slash and many, many more, made an appearance either on the making of the album, or literally on the album itself.

It's a great trailer, and it looks like it will be a fantastic show to boot; not to mention, the underlying tune "Something From Nothing" sounds like a damn good Foo song we're more than used to and ready for.