The Foo Fighters are always out to have a good time, even with their tour rider. This one is even better because its a color and activity book all in one! And we're going to give some of you crazy colorers freebies for fun. So grab your crayons and your fingerpaints and get all artsy-fartsy on it. Email your favorite coloring to or upload them to our facebook at We'll post all of them on the web and pick a few favorites to win some free RockShow shwag. T-shirts, cd's you know the drill. So get busy and get them to us asap because we can't do this forever. Oh and we don't care if you cheat and have your kids color it for you. In fact we'll probably grab some kids ones too just to hook the little booger eaters up with some awesomeness. So right click and save the pic you want to color. Print it color it and take a picture so you can ulpoad or email it. Or do it in Photoshop and upload or email, just get 'em to us.