Any of you remember the good old days when you met and dated people you actually knew, in person? These days you can't even watch TV without hearing about dating sites. And there seems to be a site for everyone, doesn't matter if you're over fifty, if you only date one race, or even if you just want to hook up, there's a site for everyone.

Even Facebook is known for being a way to meet and hook up... Don't believe me, hang out in a bar sometime and listen to people around you.

Kelly Hildebrandt was just a bored teenage girl wondering if there were any other users on facebook with her name. So, one night she checked.

That is how she and Kelly Hildebrandt first met. After emailing, and phone calls, and eventual face to face meetings, the young couple fell in love and got married.

These two are bound to live happily ever after right, I mean come on, having the same name as the person you marry is the best way to predict long term happiness.

It seems Kelly Hildebrandt and Kelly Hildebrandt have filed for divorce. One good thing, at least she won't have to have her name changed...