Sports Illustrated is reporting that Coach Mike Leach may be the next topic in the HBO  series "On".  The quick blurb was posted at the end of a much larger article about their current subject, boxing trainer Freddie Roach.  More after the jump.

The blub about Mike Leach came at the end of a story in the January 22nd magazine edition.  Freddie Roach, the star of the first run of the series (and it is a multiple episode series) says the camera people just followed him around 16 hours a day for seven months, always at a distance and never asked him to do anything.  Roach serves (or served) as a trainer for  Manny Pacquiao and other big names.  You can check out a trailer for the show below.

Evidently, the film makers have now turned their lens towards former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach and are already filming him.  Apparently these series are sold to HBO on a subject by subject basis, so the Leach series may or may not see the light of day.  My guess is that Leach is more than entertaining enough to be the subject of the series.