I know some of you like Fox News. I'm okay with it as long as you realize that there is a very clear agenda there. Their goal is to polarize and radicalize Americans towards conservative causes. If that's where your head is at, that's great. Here's a channel that serves it up non-stop.  Now at this point some of you are already on the defensive, but that's my point, you don't care about my politics and I don't care about yours.

As I just said, if Fox News is your thing, then enjoy it.  I'm telling you though that it makes me cast certain aspersions toward you. I think the people who watch it are at the very least gullible and at the worst hateful. Let's say the regular media is 'liberal'. Even if they are (and I never went to a meeting) I've yet to see them come up with anything as preposterous as the stuff I've seen on Fox News.  I think having a 'slant' towards your politics is hard to avoid; making stuff up to fit your cause is something entirely different.

Now, I don't care what you do with your time. Why someone would bombard themselves with so much negativity non-stop is beyond me. The problem I have is when I go into a business and they are playing the channel as if it is a reputable news source. I'm giving up my favorite auto repair shop because they play the channel. I'm giving up my favorite hamburger place because they play the channel. I'm just not doing business with anyone that plays the channel. You would think these businesses, even if they loved the channel, would realize that it is very controversial and they might benefit from putting something a little more benign on. In other words, if they aren't smart enough to know they are potentially offending some people, then they aren't smart enough to cook me a burger.