I personally don't think the Friday the 13th movies hold up that well.  As bad as they look in retrospect, they aren't as bad as the remake.  In their day though, there was nothing as wild as a Friday the 13th movie.  People actually tried to have these movies banned they were so gruesome for their time.  More after the jump

I have a bunch more of these little horror vignettes/blogs coming for you, let's consider this episode 2 (episode one being a salute to Scream yesterday).  So in honor of this series we're going to go with an old school, late night t.v. show name, "Nessmanics Hall Of Horrors".  Yep, very much cheesy enough.

So here's a look back at all the deaths from the Friday the 13th movies.  I think it's complete, but still, you'll probably get bored before you get to the end.  Enjoy.