We are of course friends with the good folks at the Full Throttle. We have a long history with Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl. This year we also had a friend join in on the fun.


Local artist/Metal Sculpture artist Lynn Day was invited to join the Full Throttle hijinks this year.  You've seen the guy around. He donates Dimebag sculptures to the "Rock Is In My Blood" blood drive each year.  J. Loren of Hurt calls him "Hetfield" and out at Nightmare On 19th Street we call him "Lucious" (Lew-Shush) after the hillbilly character he plays on occasion on there (he does a bunch of characters).

If you watch the show at all, he built the giant "Ghost Rider" bike that is now in front of the Full Throttle (and visible a mile away).  Well, the new promo is out and you can see Lynn briefly at :22 seconds in talking to Angie.  We've been hearing about his hijinks at the Throttle for some time now, it's going to be fun to see how much of them end up on the t.v. series.  Here's the trailer: