Geoff Tate will be doing a SEATED solo acoustic show Friday night at Jake's.  The show is also 'reserved seating' so you may want to get your tickets as soon as possible.  Tate is considered to be one of the top metal vocalists of all time, but you really don't know how badass this guy is until you've heard him do his acoustic thing.  More after the break.

The last time Geoff Tate did a solo acoustic tour I came in on the weekend to put him on the air.  We were doing fourplays that weekend, so I told Geoff to get comfortable while the last set played out.  The set was from Stone Temple Pilots and Tate quietly sang along with every word for two or three songs.  It was an epic moment in my life hearing Geoff Tate harmonize with Scott Weiland.  Then of course, he did, Silent Lucidity acoustic and I was blow away.  This guy has so much more power and talent than the average vocalist of ANY style.   I hope you get to check Tate out tomorrow night at Jake's.  Tickets at Ralph's and there should be some at the door (I'm told this is selling really well).