"Blood" is the title of the fourth studio album from In This Moment. You can check a behind-the-scenes video of the making of "Blood".

I have now heard six songs from In this Moment's new album "Blood" which will hit stores on August 14th. I can express how much I am loving this sound from In This Moment.

I really think this will be the album that sky rockets the band to the status they deserve. Now you may be thinking that In This Moment are huge here in West Texas which is a fair statement. But not all radio stations are like FMX. Most do not support heavy music, which is very sad. And it makes me wonder why they don't support bands like In this Moment or Wayne Static. But In This Moment loves Lubbock and I am sure that they will be back.

Check out the video and get pumped for "Blood" the new album from In This Moment.