Wowsers, these posters just came in and they are epic.  I'm going to get one and frame it myself.  With the purchase of a ticket to Guns N' Roses you can have one too!  More after the jump.

We were not expecting such nice over size posters for this show.  We have a limited amount of these posters and while they last you can get one when you buy a ticket for the show at the FMX studios.  We're at 82nd & Quaker on the top floor of that big brown Copycraft building.  We take cash only and are open weekdays from 9-5.   Tickets for this show are $61.25 for the lawn and $82 for the pit (not seating, just pit).  The show is coming up in just a couple weeks on June 1st.  Here's a link to more info.


(FYI: This picture is not blurry.  You started your weekend too early)