Generally speaking when I think of eight seconds of glory it does not involve me strapped to the back of a large bull. I guess that's why I'm in the radio business and not a professional bull rider. If I'm going to be strapped to something you can be darn sure it's going to be something smaller than me... Mutton bustin' anyone?

If you are unfamiliar with bull riding let me break it down into very easy terms for you, the rider mounts the bull in a small chute and when he is ready he gives a signal and the chute is opened and the bull is released into the arena.

Each rider attempts to hang on for eight seconds, apparently eight seconds is the magic number to keep the bull happy and just short enough to keep him from getting used to having the rider on his back.

In that eight seconds the rider can only touch the bull with his riding hand while the other hand stays in the air.

I've read the history of bull riding, and I have to say I don't believe it, here is my thought on how it came to be, some 14 year old kid dared his 10 year old brother to try to ride a bull knowing full well the kid was gonna try it, and the rest is, as they say history.

At least that would have been how it was if I was involved...

Seriously though, these guys must have huge balls of steel to mount a bull and try to hang on for what is known as the most dangerous eight seconds in sports. I've seen trucks with what look like testicles hanging from the trailer hitch and have always wondered what the meaning was. I think I just figured it out, they belong to the guy who didn't make it.

Make your way out to the City Bank Coliseum this Saturday night February 2, and check out the West Texas Showdown for yourself, you'll get a rise out of it.

Wrap that hand tight before you check out the video....