It's time for you to rock some Spartacus! You can catch the current season (and I think last season) with Starz On Demand. It's pretty easy to jump right in at the start of this season, so you could just blaze right through it and then go back to previous seasons if you want. It's bloody, sexy, exhilarating and FUN!. More after the jump.

As you can figure out from the title, it's full on war time for Spartacus and his army of freed slaves and guess who's joining the party?  A little feller names Julias Caesar, who in this version of the tale looks more like a blonde surf rat than a rotund roman.  Anyways producer Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Spiderman movies) HEAPS on the digital blood and gore, in fact, I think the whole series is made in front of a green screen. There's tons of people who do naughty adult things between battles too!

Here's a promo for this weeks episode.