Did you hear that? I thought I heard whistlin' kitty chasers, black cats, finger-blasters and gut-busters coming from Buffalo Springs Lake. Don't settle for snakes and sparklers, when you can witness a real fireworks show.

Wednesday, July 3, the 2013 Buffalo Springs Lake Annual Fireworks Extravaganza will light up the sky.

This year's show is dedicated to all of our service men and women who make it possible for us to enjoy a night out at the lake.

Here's a few of tips to help you enjoy this year's extravaganza:

1) Personal fireworks are not allowed inside the lake.

2) Lines will be long, so patience is the key.

3) The best vantage points to view the show will be from the East end of the lake and from the marina.

4) You cannot see the fireworks from the campgrounds.

5) Fireworks will start approximately thirty minutes after dark.

6) Regular gate fees apply.

Personally, we like to park up on the canyon to take it all in.

Jennifer Moritz, of Buffalo Springs Lake has this invitation for the entire family, "Come early, stay late, for the best fireworks in West Texas."

It wouldn't be the Fourth of July without this video...