These are some MUST SEE webisodes of "The Walking Dead". That's what's kind of cool about tho whole thing, on t.v. you're only seeing/hearing about selected groups, if it was real life there would be small pockets of people all over facing the same challenges. There are four HIGHLY suspenseful webisodes starring the same guy who battled "The Collector" and "The Collection" in the movies. More after the jump.


The guy who plays the part of "Chase" is Josh Stewart (recently starred in "The Collection").  There is also a little tiny tie in with the current survivors as seen in the regular "Walking Dead" t.v. show.  It would be really cool if they'd take these people and meld them into the t.v. show (the t.v. show is starting to catch up with the comic books, so anything is possible).  Set aside a few minutes and watch these four episodes, they are every bit as great as the t.v. show.  The new season of "The Walking Dead" starts in a litt over a month on February 10th!