I was discussing with Landon whether he should read the Walking Dead comics/graphic novels.  My answer was of course a big 'hells yes'.  The comics while not vastly different from the t.v. show, differ enough to keep you more than interested.  People die and come in and out of the stories at different times and I really don't think it'll ruin the t.v. show for you (it hasn't for me).  Well, I found a place where you can start reading the comics for free.  More after the jump.


You can read the first six Walking Dead comic books here.  Even better, you can watch the first book as an 'animated comic book' right here, then read the rest.  I think once you check all of this out you'll be able to decide whether reading the series is right for you or not.  What's also kind of interesting is the t.v. show has already covered about half of the territory in the comic books, meaning if the show stays on, it will eventually be ahead of the material in them.