Cage9 is a sick rock band that features Evan 9 formerly of Powerman 5000 and is a very good friend of Lubbock's Rock Station.

"A Million Miles Below The Earth" of this new video from Cage9 and it is such a sick track. straight from the beginning to the end this song grabs you and never lets go.

Cage9 has been to Lubbock several times and I always look forward to seeing my bro Evan 9.

One of favorite stories about Evan is one night at Jake's I was kicking back enjoying a few cocktails when I got into conversation with a bro about Cage9 because he was wearing the shirt and had followed Evan's career. I shot Evan a text told him what was going on with this bro and I gave Evan a call to talk to this dude for a little bit. The bro was literally in shock to be talking to one of his metal heroes.

That is just the kind of guy Evan is and I hope you take a little time to checkout this video and become a fan of Cage9. "A Million Miles Below The Earth" is taken from Cage9's latest album "How To Shoot Lasers From Your Eyes" and you can pick that up here.