Okay, this is a real "thing". There is no a preacher performing exorcisms over the internet. (Long pause).  Okay, maybe the slogan should be "when you want to get the demon out, but just don't want to be bothered with travel".

John Moore/Getty Images

Okay, you can watch the "news" report if you want to.  But it features a lot of bad acting and people who were obviously dropped on their heads as babies.  You would think they would at least rent a copy of "The Exorcist" before trying to pull this off.   I am almost finding myself at a loss for words at this point because ridiculous doesn't even begin to describe this.

This is obviously one of the most bugnutty fringe religious beliefs out there.  My question is, where were all of these "demons" before Skype?  How do preachers keep up with all of these cases before the internet?  This guy claims to have done 20,000 exorcisms.  If that went unchecked before the internet was invented we'd be literally up to our balls in demons (and that would be a very uncomfortable feeling).

Then again, I could just be a demon trying to keep you from the truth. I'll have to log on and find out.

Here's an exorcism from the movie "Scary Movie" that's a bit more realistic.  *Caution* Lots of bad words and vomit ahead!