Over the past few weeks I have been telling you about a band called Arco's Angel, a side project by the members of HURT.

Today the band dropped their first album called "Life's Love Loss" which is only available through the band website.

There are four different format options, so you can choose which one best fits the operating system you listen to most, regardless of whether you use an Apple product, an Android, or a Windows operating system. No hassle... and it is only $6.99 for all versions!)

I just downloaded the entire album, and let me tell you, so far I have only heard the first two tracks, but can already tell this will be added to my playlist and be on repeat for a while!

Hopefully J. and the guys are planning a stop in the Hub in support of this new venture!

If you haven't checked out the preview track, watch this video now, and then get to the band's website and buy the album, you will be glad you did!