There is so much going on with the FMX Big Purple Party that I think I could write a new blog every day.  We will be decking out the AMP with cool purple stuff and we'll even have a squad of "Purple Painters" making the rounds.  More after the jump.

Our own Rockin' Racheal along with our M.C. Mister John Hart will be making the rounds with washable (we hope) purple tempura paint.  Paint your face, your hair, your arms or just put one a stripe or two of purple war paint.  We're decking out the trees, the rails, the inside and the outside into a fiesta of our favorite color.

Extra vendors will be on site with everything from smokes to party wings and more. There will be food and of course plenty to drink.  Here's the most joyous news of all: EXTRA PORT-A-POTTIES ARE BEING BROUGHT IN to help you get back to the rock even quicker.

Keep a keen eye out on the crowd.  Not only will some of the bands be out in the crowd enjoying the day, some bands that are not even playing are traveling with the others and will be at the show.

The FMX Big Purple Party is a once in a lifetime event.  We hope you'll get into the spirit of things and put on your purple clothes and your purple spot tees!  We also hope you'll come out early and take advantage of the full day of rock (we'd like to note that "Beware Of Darkness" who open the festivities on the Main Stage just saw their single "Howl" go Top 20).   We hope to see you Sunday at the FMX Big Purple Party!

Here's the main stage opener

And here's the band that opens the show on the inside stage