It's a simple fact, we all get "too busy" to give blood during the holidays.  At the same time, due to the weather there are more accidents requiring blood. This creates a big imbalance and your help is needed.


Between now and Saturday December 14th if you donate blood at United Blood Services, you can sign up for a $200 Visa Christmas gift card.  That would make a NICE dent in your Xmas bills!

You can call ahead to schedule an appointment at 797-6804 or just do what I do and drop in.  There's never too long of a wait and United Blood Services offices are actually a nice place to hang out.  Here's the hours-

Mondays 9-4:30

Tuesdays 12-7:00

Wednesdays 9-4:30

Thursdays 12-7:00

Fridays 9-4:00

Saturdays 9-2:00