With summer just around the corner, most of us are now having day dreams about spending weekends at the pool, or the lake, or vacationing at the beach. Warm weather means less clothes, which means a lot of us are starting to realize we need to drop a few pound before we venture out in shorts or swimsuits.

Or, if you're like me and hit the gym everyday, then sit up half the night eating junk food and watching TV, your problem is not that you need to exercise more, it's that you need to eat less crap.

Woody does a good job of trying to keep me healthy by feeding me baked chicken and veggies for EVERY FREAKING MEAL!!! (I'm a man, I NEED RED MEAT WOMAN!!!) But, once she goes to bed my inner caveman comes out and so does the junk food.

Chips, popcorn, chocolate bunnies, and the infamous Nerd's all make an appearance after midnight in our house, and that's all before 1:00 a.m.

Sometimes, I feel really guilty about my obsession with after dark junk food, then I see something like this video confession from Jenna Marbles about her junk food filled days and it gives me hope... Hope that one day Woody will realize man can not live on baked, grilled, and roasted chicken alone and will serve cupcakes, cookies, and chips for dinner with pudding, pie, and ice cream for dessert.

I'll be raiding the fridge while you check it out...