With Halloween just a few weeks away those of you who have a fear of clowns might just find yourselves dreading the overly made up, funky haired freaks with really big shoes.

Personally, I am not a clown person; I have even earned myself the nickname Clown Killer after a run in I had with a clown armed with a baseball bat one year...

Fortunately for me, I do not live in Northampton, England, it seems there is a (creepy) resident who finds it amusing to dress up like a clown and show up in various locations around town.

The guy (or girl) hasn't broken any laws, or even been suspected of doing anything illegal, he just shows up and scares the hell out of people., and he even has a Facebook page, at least he seems to be a sociable clown

Lucky for this funny man that I live in Texas because there might be one less clown roaming the streets if I lived there