We are overjoyed to have the legendary Godsmack as headliners for X-Fest 9.  Together with Staind, Halestorm and Man Made Machine we expect a killer time outdoors.  For those who want to "Party On" afterwards, we're gonna rock with James Durbin and Redlight King.  We were especially pumped when we got this invitation to rock from Shannon Larkin of Godsmack.  Check it out after the jump.

How cool is it that Shannon Larkin filmed this in his bike/memorabilia room for us.  It's a quick and clean, fast and dirty video, but you get to check out his bike and stuff.  Not a bad little ride he has there huh?  These Godsmack guys aren't poseurs, they live the life and ride the rides.  Check out the video and get ready for X-Fest 9!