We are excited for X-Fest 9.  We've put the "Mass Chaos" tour together with an awesome afterparty to bring you an unbelievable Saturday night.  We hope you make plans to stay the entire night and get the most rock for your money!!!  Coming up next, Sully talks about the tour:








The excitement keeps building for next weekends concerts.  Here Sully talks about the "Mass Chaos" tour kicking ass in general. Check it out

In addition to Godsmack, Staind, Halestorm & Man Made Machine, you get a free after party featuring the smokin' hot "Redlight King" and former American Idol contestant (and the first to represent TRUE HEAVY METAL on the show) James Durbin.  We think James has got a lot to offer and that you'll be hearing a lot from him.

Here's all the details on the FMX Birthday Bash & X-Fest 9