Yeah it seems a little dumb to write a fond farewell to Halloween, but some things need to be said.  NO ONE BECAME EVIL. NO ONE WAS SACRIFICED TO THE DEVIL. NO HARM WAS DONE.  More after the jump.


It's very hard for a rational person to live in a conservative community like Lubbock.  There are still people here that believe insane demonic myths about Halloween.  Halloween was started from Samhain, which was nothing more than an "end of the summer" celebration.  That's it.  Sorry, that's not a very 'metal' description.  Here's a better one for you, it was a recognition of the 'darker half" of the year.  There, that's more metal.  There have been various pagan associations linked to and celebrated on or near Halloween but it's roots are nothing more than a European harvest festival.

There is no harm is letting kids, adults and especially slutty college girls play dress up for a couple of days per year. The people who were going to church before Halloween, go back to church after Halloween. The people who didn't go to church before Halloween, don't go to church after Halloween.  Halloween has not effect on anything except for the bellies that eat too much candy in one night.

It was sad year for trick or treaters brought on by old superstitions (it's the DEVIL'S NIGHT) or new ones (EVERY HOUSE HAS A CHILD MOLESTER).  Halloween, like any other holiday, is just a fun party for those to participate.  I hope the tradition will limp along so that many kids will be able to enjoy Halloween in some shape or form.

Lastly, there are certain people who like to scream "Halloween is evil" , "Doomsday is coming", "The Teletubbies are gay" and so on.  We, for some reason, let these nutjobs off the hook after whatever they're preaching about passes without incident.  When are we going to start writing them off as fanatics BEFORE these events instead of having to prove it to them time and time again?  It's 2012. Halloween hasn't hurt anyone yet and it never will.