I can hardly believe in a little over a month my baby boy will be graduating high school. I swear it seems like just yesterday he was just learning to walk and talk. Now the kid isn't a kid at all but a grown ass man!Far too often these days it seems we are hearing stories about kids who are out of control and in trouble with the law for various reasons.

I have to say I am a very LUCKY man! My kid has risen above all the mistakes I have made along the way and has grown into the kind of man I want to be when I grow up!

I saw an article today about a girl who was kicked out of school so her dad made her a sign that said "I have a bad attitude. I disrespect people who try to help me."

I got to thinking as I read that article how very lucky I am to have a kid who despite all the crap that goes on around him he still just seems to "GET IT!"

Gmoney, this one is for you! I love you bro! I could not be more proud of the man you have become and look forward to seeing the man you will be!