Rooster dropped me a note last night about how close we were to fourteen thousand Facebook friends.  I had noticed the same thing earlier in the day. It seems like it took forever to get from twelve to thirteen, but the fourteen just crept up on us.  We then devised a little contest to get the number over on his shift.  Rooster promised he would give away a bonus pair of Gigantour tickets if we hit the 14K.  Low and behold, we hit it about 11:45.

With this milestone FMX absolutely, positively CRUSHES all radio competition.  In fact you can add the #2 and #3 radio station "likes" TOGETHER and you barely make it to the 14,000 we have.  For all of this we thank you, your family and friends and all those bands out there that spread the word about Lubbock's Rock Station all across the world.  It's also good to note that only one other Facebook page IN ALL OF WEST TEXAS has more fans than we do, and we expect to beat them at some point.

Once again, we thank you for helping us get to 14,000.  Don't forget we're also available to you on Twitter (@fmxrocks).  You can also like the RockShow here, for a generally more subversive look at the world.  Also, don't forget to join the FMX Bombsquad for special contests and prizes. Yes, that's a lot of links, but we want to connect with you guys anyway possible.  Now, LET'S ROCK!