If this were the days of singles, nearly everything on Green Day's "Uno" would be an "A" side, while everything on "Dos" would be a "B" side.  Now, don't get me wrong, "B" side Green day is still pretty awesome.  More after the jump.


Green Day "Dos" does sound like an outtakes album. The songs don't really go together, some songs sound half finished and the even the opening cut just plays for a little bit before it slides into cut #2.  Let's look at the best three songs on the album for perspective.  The reason this album will sell a few copies is because of "Stray" which is featured in the new Twilight movie.  This song does reflect a little bit of the albums almost theme which would be 50's type influences.  Next up is the song you'll never hear on the radio called "F*** Time".  Billie Joe unleashes his best Johnny Rotten delivery on this track, but the chorus features that very inappropriate word. The last of the 'big 3" is the guitar ballad "Amy".  It's just Billie Joe and and electric guitar in a song that is said to be dedicated to the late Amy Winehouse (even though there are no direct references to her in the song).

Now with those three out of the way, let's talk about the rest.  There's a song featuring a female rap from "Lady Cobra", other than that, it's straight up 50's influenced punk.  In fact, after hearing this c.d. I got the feeling that these guys have spent more than their fair share of time listening to Buddy Holly tracks, then playing them backwards louder than hell.  It's that hot-rod punk sound that makes this a fun album to throw on. The deal is, I don't think you'd throw it on more than once or twice.  It's almost like they made a complete disposable album. You listen, you go, 'awesome', then you just kind of forget to ever put it on again. So, where I think "Uno" is an A+, I give "Dos" a "C+", but remember "C+" does mean 'above average'.

When the four member of Kiss made solo albums they released them all at the same time and the TANKED.  They then put the four of them together into one 'collection' album and it made it kind of okay.  If you made a greatest hits album or playlist with Green Days "Uno" and "Dos", you'd probably only include a song or two from "Dos".  Let's hope "Tre" is a little better.