I don't think openly gay people should be in the Boy Scouts.  I think that people who live 'out in the open' are too good and too brave to be in such a backwards, homophobic and archaic organization.  My advice to gays is, don't fight this battle, these losers are on their way out and don't deserve your support.  More after the jump.


A group called "Lubbock On My Honor" feels so compelled to spread their ignorance that they're holding a rally on Friday (at the scout office no less) to try to lobby Lubbock representatives to vote against gays serving openly when they go to their national convention.

Here's a fact.  There is absolutely, positively, without a doubt NO PROOF that a gay scoutmaster is any type of threat to the scouts he leads.  As a matter of fact, there is no proof that an adult gay male is likely to target a young boy for his affections.  What people don't seem to get is, that the gay community is JUST LIKE the straight community, we all tend to all seek out partners our own age.  As a matter of fact, think about this:  how many times in your lifetime have your heard about men molesting young girls?  Now, how many have times have you heard about men molesting young men?  The second number is miniscule (and strangely is often related to priests, not scoutmasters).  Now, they'll tell you it isn't about the sex thing, but to say that they are somehow inferior in any other way is even more offensive.  Lastly, the scouts have even less footing when it comes to gay moms leading the Scouts.

I guess special interest groups never let facts get in their way.  Once again, I don't think gay leaders should waste their time even fighting this organization.  They've been going the way of the dinosaur for a long time and any protracted battle with them will just give them much needed publicity.  If you have a kid in scouts, I encourage you to think about their participation again.  If they belong to a group who as a core belief thinks that there is an entire group of second class citizens out there, then maybe they aren't being taught true leadership skills.