If you haven't seen Guardians Of The Galaxy yet, don't watch this. Stop now.  There is a very fun, very heartwarming sequence at the end. I made sure to not spoil this scene by not even showing you what Drax The Destroyer is looking at.  This little clip meant so much to people who have seen the movie that the studio actually released the clip.  I'm telling you guys, if you haven't seen the movie, you might even find this clip to be cheesy, but those of us who have seen it, can't see this hopeful (in context) scene enough.

YouTube/Yahoo Movies

So since you clicked on through, I'm assuming you've seen the movie and know that this is the "dancing baby Groot" scene.  I am telling you now, that kids who see this movie now will be talking about it in the future as their "Star Wars". This movie was pitch perfect. Here's a chance to relive the moment that had everyone drying their tears and laughing.