Big Dad Ritch of the Texas Hippie Coalition has his own brand of BBQ sauce, Ratt's Stephen Percy has his Top Fuel Verde Sauce; now guitarist extraordinaire Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal  has released his own fiery concoction called Bumblefoot hot sauce.

The Bumblefoot line of hot sauce was unleashed last week in New York City at the "Spicy Hound Extravaganza."

Bumblefoot will rock your world with six scorching flavors guaranteed to bring the heat;  "Uncool," Bumblebade," "Bumblicious," Bumblef***ed," "Normal" and "Abnormal."

Thal, a renowned musician/songwriter/producer has been the lead guitarist for Guns n' Roses since 2006.

Bumblefoot hot sauce should be available in most retail outlets soon, but if you can't wait to feel the pain check out