Here's a video that will get you talking.  What would you do if you saw a guy walking through a park with an AR-15 and a 45.  Well evidently it bothered some people and they called the cops.  In my opinion this guy wanted to provoke somebody and get a reaction and he got what he deserved.  More after the jump.

I can only give you my impressions of this video. It's my opinion that this guy went out to prove something and when it didn't work out this way, he 'performed' for the camera the whole way.  He behaved like a whiny little weasel and that's it.  I don't believe the cops disrespected him one bit.

You can claim "2nd Amendment Rights" all you want, but as with all rights, yours end where someone elses begin.  Would you let your kids go to playground if there were guys with AR-15's walking around in it?  What about if they walked into the movie theater or the grocery store?  Well that's exactly what douchebags like this guy are trying to push.

Why should cops have to wait until they see if someone gets shot before they investigate a man with a rifle?  And as far as this guy being arrested, he could have calmly complied with everything the officers asked and he probably would have been sent on his way peacefully.  Haven't you ever been pulled over by a cop because they thought your car was in a suspicious area?  I have.  I smiled, provided I.D. and I was on my way in minutes.

Just because you have a right to a gun doesn't mean you have a right to behave like a jerk. The rest of us have a right to NOT be put in a dangerous situation by having a loaded weapon around when we're just peaceably going about our business.  I would MUCH rather deal with the imaginary overreaching government and cops that these guys are afraid of, then these nuts any day.  I just don't see how anyone wouldn't call the cops when they see a man with a gun leading a kid through a park.

And finally, it doesn't matter if what this guy was doing is legal, it's still irresponsible behavior.  It may be legal for me to pee in a pool, it doesn't mean it should happen.  This "right" should only be exercised when necessary.  If this is what it's going to come down to, then maybe we need to amend the 2nd amendment.