What a year this has been for my "little man!" As parents we try to raise our children to be better, more responsible, more productive members of society than we are, or were at their age. As a parent I have to say G-Money is already at 17 becoming one hell of a man! In the past year I have watched this kid go from my little boy to my little man.

Here it is the second week in June and so far this year the boy has gotten a job, bought his own car, graduated high school with honors, enrolled in college and over the weekend played in his first real gig!

I know as parents we all think our kids are the best at whatever they take on, I am no different. While I will not say he is the best drummer in the world (yet) I will say he is absolutely on his way to bigger things!

Check out this video of him kicking it with Tony Davis, and Jimmy Ramos, in their first ever gig together, pretty damn good if I do say so myself!

If you missed 'em this weekend, I am sure you will have a chance to catch them at venues all over town before long.