FMX is the only media source for the upcoming Guns N' Roses concert.  We'll have quick updates for you as they become available.  We already have one major update for you and it will be up after the jump.


Let's be clear, after talking to promoters, there are NO reserved seats for Guns N' Roses. This would be because there is NO reserved seating at Guns N' Roses.  What there is, is a charge for being in the pit and a different charge for being on the lawn.  Those two types of tickets will go on sale this Friday.  The base price for the pit tickets is $75, meaning it's going to be over $80 with all the service charges rolled in.  The lawn tickets will be a base price of $55, so you can expect it to be around $60 when everything is rolled in.  What will happen is, if you have a pit ticket, you'll show it at the venue and you'll be issued a wristband on site that will allow you to go in and out of the pit as you see fit.

We can also tell you that the show will have ONE opening act and that is still being decided at this point.  It WILL NOT BE Halestorm as earlier reports have suggested.

We would also like to say that Guns N' Roses rarely goes on before 11 or 12 and then plays for about three hours.  This is not a concert experience for lightweights or people who have plans for the next day. If you want to see this band, you have to get on Axl Rose time.

This is also the full Guns N' Roses show with lights, pyros and all of the over the top stuff you'd expect from the band.  We are expecting a great turn out for this show and we, ourselves wouldn't miss it for the world.

For those of you wondering "who's in the band" here's a quick reference.

Keep it here for more details!

And if you're wondering what this incarnation of GNR is, this 02 arena film is a pretty good representation.