So last night I kind of had a weird thing happen.

My boyfriend and I went out last night to have casual drinks with our best friends. You know having a good time, talking about random stupid stuff and laughing like there is no tomorrow. The whole time me & my best friend could feel somebody just staring at us, but didn’t think anything of it. It was obvious I was there with my boyfriend and our best friends weren't together. Well we paid our tab and the waiter comes back and says, “Can y’all stay for a few extra minutes there has been an adjustment to yalls ticket.” Of course none of us knew what that meant but realized something was up. The table behind us had a group of guys that had just paid their tab and walked out. Well as soon as they left our waiter came over with drinks for all four of us saying, “This is from the guy that just left, he asked me if yall (me and my best friend) were with them (my boyfriend and his best friend) and I said that I wasn’t sure. So he figured he’d buy a round.”

I’m guessing that the guy thought he was being smart by buying us all a round, but there is a certain line there that says, “Maybe I shouldn’t buy them drinks because they just might be in a relationship.” Nope not this guy, he did not even care.

GUYS: Would you have the guts to buy drinks for girls who already have dates? In the other sense, would you be offended if a guy bought your date a drink?

GIRLS: Has this ever happen to you?! What would you do in this situation?!