Gwar vocalist Oderus Urungus has been banned from FOX News Channel's Red Eye show after making numerous appearances on the program. If you have ever been to a Gwar show you know that you are about to see some of the best 'Theatrical Metal Shock Rock' that is out there, and you better not wear your best clothes.

One of their on-stage theatrics involves an effigy of the Ex-Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Palin is also currently working as a contributor for the FOX News Channel. The effigy is used in an on-stage performance that upset her enough that the higher ups at FOX News Channel had Urungus removed from the Red Eye show. Urungus put a statement out on Twitter stating:

“I got canned because Sarah Palin complained that we disemboweled her. The nerve of that woman!” and “Sound off like you got a pair if you think it sucks that I am not on Red Eye anymore!”

I'm really kind of torn in the middle by this. It sucks that Urungus was removed from the show, but at the same time when you are portraying someone on stage that is a correspondent at the station you are guesting on, I think that you should expect some sort of action taken against you.